Willow House Newtown Park Avenue is a small homely creche which provides care and comfort in a safe and friendly environment. Children are given the opportunity to play and learn in an atmosphere where they feel included, secure and valued.

We realise how daunting a prospect it is when considering where to have your child cared for, it is our hope that upon visiting us for the first time, that you as a parent immediately begin to feel at ease about this prospect. We go to great lengths to ensure that your child is also at ease being in our care.

What makes us special?

We believe each child is unique and grows at their own pace. We try to give each child a sense of home to allow them to have that comfort. With our extensively experienced and caring team we ensure that we go the extra mile to provide the best care for your child.





With over 32 years experience in Child Care,

we give you peace of mind that all of your child’s personal

wellbeing and development is being nurtured and cared for.


Our Crèche provides a comfortable, home-like environment where children are encouraged to grow and develop individually. Daily lessons include art, reading, playtime, hands-on learning; opportunities for small and large motor skill strengthening, early preschool skills promotion, music time, and more.

Our baby, wobbler and toddler rooms are well equipped for children from age 3 months to 3 years of age.

Our large, well equipped, Montessori room cater’s for children aged 3-5 years preparing them for school.

Our facilities boast spacious buildings and outdoor play areas that are separated by age groups. This allows us to design specific activities for each group.

Always Learning…

Here at Willow House Childcare Newtownpark we fully understand the importance of a child’s educational development.

Our staff is experienced and highly qualified. We are also open to cater for any child who needs extra help in regard to education.

Indoor & Outdoor Play Areas…

We have indoor and outdoor play areas which are safe and fun. We have a range of activities to meet the child’s needs. We always mix up varieties of activities to keep the children engaged and enjoying the fun, educational, caring environment.

All of our activities will have an educational focus designed to help your child develop self-confidence, friendships, social skills and above all, love and happiness.

Interaction and social inclusion…

Here at Willow House Childcare Newtownpark we understand the importance of interaction, inclusion and friendships. This is why we always encourage interaction and play between the children.

We always ensure we have the children’s wellbeing in mind at all times.

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Baby Room

Little Angels

“Bright from the start”

Wobbler Room

Little Steps

“Little Steps to Giant Leaps”

Toddler Room

Little Giggles

“Where learning is “Child’s Play“

Montessori Room

Little Stars

“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own desire to learn”………Maria Montessori

What The Parents Say





Your children’s education and welfare are our main priorities


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